Download Free Global Types

On this page, you can freely download generic types to import into your own Siqnal database. Select the types below that you wish to import. A file will be generated that you must import into your database by using the "Import Web Data" menu item under the "Help" menu.

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Collapse Plates, Sheets and Coils
Collapse Tubes
   Rectangle Tube
   Round Tube
   Square Tube
Collapse Bars and Beams
   Rectangle Bar
   Round Bar
   Hexagon Bar
   Tee Bar
   Zee Bar
   Channel Bar
   IPE Beam
   Wide Flange Beam
   Square Bar
   Angle Bar
Collapse Welding Fittings
   Welding Elbow 45º
   Welding Return Bend
   Welding Reducer
   Welding Tee
   Welding Elbow 90º
   Welding Cap
   Welding Neck Flange
   Welding Slip-On Flange
   Welding Plate Flange
Collapse Valves
Collapse Simple Type
Collapse Bearings
   Ball Bearing
   Roller Bearing
Collapse Fasteners
   Screw Self Tapping
   Screw Sheet Metal
Collapse Planks
Collapse Plywoods
Collapse Particleboards
Collapse Plasterboards

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