Purchases is used to create a new purchase to an order, project or stock.


Actions shows functions for the module Purchases:

Purchase Lines: Opens the purchase lines of the purchase.

Copy: Clicking the icon will copy the purchase and purchase lines. References are deleted, and new can be created.

Show All: Clicking the icon will show all purchases, default is purchases that are 100% received not shown in the grid.

Print Purchase: Immediately prints the current purchase.

Preview Purchase: Opens a print preview window, described in its own document in the menu.


Company*: Mandatory, but only visible when multiple companies are defined in the Companies module.

Confidential Clerk: Optional confidential clerk that is a drop-down list of company employees registered in the Companies module.

Purchase No*: Mandatory purchase number. Is automatically suggested, if a purchase no sequence is defined in the Companies module, but can be overwritten.

Purchase Date*: The date of forwarding to the supplier. Today is suggested, but can be overwritten. The field is mandatory.

Purchase To*: Mandatory selection of stock or project purchase.

Ref No: If project is selected, a project number must be selected in a drop-down list.

Supplier*: Mandatory selection of a supplier from the module Suppliers.

Supplier Contact: Optionally select a supplier contact defined in the Suppliers module.

Currency*: Currency of the supplier is selected by default, but can be overwritten. Currencies are defined in the modules Suppliers and Currencies. The field is mandatory.

Delivery Address: Delivery address should only be given if the delivery address differ from the default delivery address from the module Companies. Default is the delivery address from the module Companies used on the purchase report.

Shipping Terms Set: Optional shipping terms from a drop-down list defined in the module Shipping Terms and must reflect the terms agreed with the supplier.

Shipping Terms: Optional terms under the shipping terms set.

Top Text: Optional top text shown on the purchase report.

Bottom Text: Optional bottom text shown on the purchase report.

Locked: If it is set, no information can be edited. Locked is set when:

- A purchase is printed. The lock can be removed.

- Purchase items are received in the Reception module. The lock cannot be removed (unless all articles are un-received).

Received: Shows in percent how much of the purchase is currently received through the Reception module.


Purchase Lines tab: On this tab are purchase lines showed for information only.

Related Files tab: On this tab it is possible to register files that are related to the purchase, drawing and text files etc. The files are saved into the system and are placed in the folder specified in the popup Client/Server Setup and with the Shared file path viewing below. Use append (+) bottom to add files. Up and Down are used to alter the order of files.

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