Easy Project BOM Management

Siqnal is designed to be an efficient project management system, where the right tool is essential to be able to get an overview of material and manpower resource usage at any given time during a project.


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The Project BOM Management module in Siqnal is a good example of such a tool. The Project BOM Management part of Siqnal efficiently handles Bills of Materials that are assigned to the project and presents a perfect overview at all times during the project.

Bills of Materials (BOMs) are created in the Bill of Materials modules either directly from Siqnal or from a CAD system integrated with Siqnal. When BOMs are created in Siqnal, they can be assigned to the project through the module Project BOMs, from where all project related BOM editing must take place. Siqnal ensures that BOMs are not editable, if they are assigned to more than one project. The Project BOM Management part of Siqnal is used in three steps:


Step 1: Select articles in Siqnal in the Project BOMs module.

Select articles or BOMs by checking the checkmark at the “Selected” column. Multi selection can be done by checking a BOM (Assembly), which will automatically select all sub-items. When new checkmarks are set and saved, data are transferred to the Project BOM Articles module.

Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: http://webdav.siqnal.com/Inline/Featured/Project%20BOM%20Management-filer/image001.png

Project BOM Management: Select articles.


Step 2: Purchase articles and/or make stock reservations through the Siqnal Project BOM Articles module.

Articles transferred from the Project BOMs module are now shown on the BOM Lines tab in the Project BOM Articles module and the sum of all lines is shown at the bottom, including the correct consumption unit. At the top window, all article lines are shown that are to be used for purchases and reservations. When the “locked” column is checked, the number of articles to handle must be filled into the Qty field along with the correct properties in the properties tab. Once lines are locked, they can no longer be edited in the Project BOMs module and they are now ready to be purchased or reserved. Either the wizard “Add Purchase” or “Merge Stock” must be used to add a purchase or reserve articles from stock. From here on the column “Status” shows the progress of the purchase or reservation.

Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: http://webdav.siqnal.com/Inline/Featured/Project%20BOM%20Management-filer/image002.png

Project BOM Management: Lock and fill in qty and properties.


Step 3: Articles are monitored for correct quantity and delivery dates in the Project Articles module.

All purchased or reserved articles for projects are shown in the Project Articles module, where it is shown how far the articles are in the handling at any time. Further information on the progress are shown in the columns Delivery Date that are colored like this:

Delivery Date:

Grid color = Article are not received and delivery date is later then today.

Green = Article received

Yellow = Article are not received and delivery date is today

Red = Article are not received and delivery date is earlier than today

Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: http://webdav.siqnal.com/Inline/Featured/Project%20BOM%20Management-filer/image003.png

Project BOM Management: Overview of all project articles.


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