Project BOM Lines

Project BOM Lines is part of the Project module and is used to work with bills of materials. A project bill of material is read-only if it is locked on the module Project BOM Articles or if it is used on another project. BOMs can be edited as long as they are used on one project only, to ensure that one project does not alter bills of materials on other projects. The Locked is set when an action has been performed on the BOM, such as a reservation or a purchase.

The BOM lines can be sorted by using the Up and Down buttons.


Actions: shows shortcuts and functions in Project BOM Lines.

Add Article button: Inserts a new article as a new BOM line, based on a search in Article Templates, Stock, Articles and Project Articles. When selecting a new article, static properties are automatically filled in and dynamic properties must be entered. To ease the search, articles can be filtered on their static properties, as shown below. As property values are selected, the list is narrowed to only articles matching all property values. When an article is selected in the bottom list and OK is clicked, the article is inserted as a new BOM line.

Add BOM button: Inserts another BOM as a new line, making the added BOM a sub-BOM to the current BOM. As with inserting articles, BOMs can be located by filtering property values. When the desired BOM is located, clicking OK will insert the BOM as a new BOM line.

Sub BOM Lines button: Can be used when a sub-BOM is selected and will open a new BOM lines window with the BOM lines of the sub-BOM.

Print BOM: Prints the BOM to the default printer.

Preview BOM: Opens the print preview window, documented on a separate page here.


Item No*: Mandatory item number. Will automatically be generated, but can freely be edited.

Qty*: Number of articles or BOMs on the line. Field is mandatory.

Locked: Shows if the line is locked from the module Project BOM Articles or not. The line can only be edited, if the lock is not set.

Type Description: Shows the description of the type, when the line is an article.

Description/Dimension/Material/Surface: Shows fields generated by formulas from the module Types. If the type does not have a formula for a field, it must be entered manually.

Tag: Can optionally be used to tag an item for traceability.

Article No: Shows the article no from Article Templates, if the current line is an article.

Article Template No: Shows the article template no from Article Templates, if the current line is an article template.

BOM No: Shows the sub-BOM number, if the current line is a BOM.

Weight: Shows the total weight of the line, if weight calculation is enabled.

Unit Cost: Shows the price per unit.

Unit: Shows the price unit.

Total Cost Price: Is a calculated field and shows the price for BOM Line.


Properties tab: Shows properties for the BOM line. If the line is an article, the dynamic properties of the article must be entered. The dynamic properties are defined in the module Types. Static properties are automatically displayed based on the article type.

Related Files tab: On this tab it is possible to register files that are related to the Project BOM Lines, drawing and text files etc. The files are saved into the system and are placed in the folder specified in the popup Client/Server Setup and with the Shared file path viewing below. Use append (+) bottom to add files. Up and Down are used to alter the order of files.

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